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Why Trades Training is Better than a Four Year University


Why Trades Training is Better than a Four Year University

As a high school student, you are faced with many life decisions. One of the most important ones you’ll ever make surrounds your future. This means that you’re going to need to consider what your career options could be. Some of you may choose to become an educator, an accountant, an engineer, any other field/industry that will require you to go to a four-year University. While that’s a great option for some, it isn’t so much for others. Many may also dread the thought of being “stuck behind a desk” for more education at a University; even the thought of being behind a desk as a career choice is unappealing. The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades has an alternative for you. It’s called trade school and it is hands on from Day 1.

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Trades school gives you the opportunity for training both in the classroom and on-the-job with a skilled trades member who is already performing those job tasks each and every day. The hands-on experience is better than an internship because it’s here, it’s now and allows you to ask questions while leaving your mark. Other benefits include receiving pay and benefits from the very beginning of trades training. (Yes, it’s like getting paid to learn. What could be better than that?!)

A study was recently conducted by debunking the myths surrounding attending a four-year University vs. a trade school. According to StatsCanada from 2010, “students from a college or trade school are more likely to become employed following graduation than those graduating with a bachelor’s degree from a university.” What’s even more important is that you won’t spend as much money on loans as you might for University, so when you’re ready to work full-time, you will already be ahead with your finances.

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