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What Does a Residential Painter Do?


What Does a Residential Painter Do?

If you’ve ever considered changing the colour of paint on the interior or exterior of your home, you may have considered using a residential painter. Also known as a house painter, you might be surprised what a residential painter does.

First, did you know that many of the residential painters you see in Toronto are members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades? This means that these talented men and women have gone through extensive hands-on training with other professionals in this trade, learning the tricks of the trade while participating in classroom lessons as well. Having this type of training sets them apart from other painters who may have been self-taught or just pick up painting jobs on the side. Most painters work for painting contracting companies who are licensed here in the Toronto area.
Getting more into the job itself, often following the drywall team, house painters prepare surfaces prior to painting. They can offer suggestions for paint colours and finishing styles. You will truly be amazed at the vision that most painters will have in regards to the aesthetics of your space. Painters have the ability to transform a space with their considerable talents.

An important thing to remember is that prior to working with a painting contractor in Toronto, you should always request references from others who may have used their services. This will give provide insight into the types of painting jobs that the company can handle as well as example of their work. It’s important to find a company with talented painters that can work with your expectations. Visit our residential painters page to see a list of Toronto area painting companies that our Union members currently work with.

And, as always, feel free to contact us with questions about house painters or even to learn the steps you need to take to develop your own career in this trade.

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