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Get Involved in IUPAT Union Political Activism


Get Involved in IUPAT Union Political Activism

Are you interested in becoming more involved in the Union’s political activism? Lately, you may have seen more posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages in regards to campaigning events and political rallies where we have been able to show Union support as well as voice our opinions and issues to stop anti-union politicians from getting re-elected. Better yet, did you know that we have someone in our Union who stays current on all things political? If you haven’t met him, you should. His name is Phil Russo.

Phil is an active member of IUPAT who plays an integral part in political activism for the IUPAT. His role specifically is that he a Controller/Political Action Director for District Council 46. He is able to work directly with Joe Russo and meet the candidates that make a direct impact on IUPAT and unions across Ontario. Specifically, he is able to discuss prominent topics with political candidates and top decision makers on Bills and other legislation. More importantly, he is able to voice the opinion of IUPAT to these persons and help us with our continuous fight for fairness in the workplace including wages, healthcare, pensions and so much more.

If you are interested in political activism with the IUPAT and are looking for ways to get involved in these processes, we encourage you to visit with Phil and let him know about your interest. He is always looking for people who are invested in the Union and want to help with attending events and supporting the IUPAT in various ways. Futhermore, we appreciate your support of the IUPAT and are excited that you’d like to be involved.

Contact us at 1-800-668-1823 to get started now.

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