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How to Become a Glazier in Toronto


How to Become a Glazier in Toronto

If you’ve ever been in a building or home and noticed the beautiful glass work, mirrors, stained glass and framing, then you’ve noticed the work of a glazier. In Toronto, and throughout Ontario, new commercial and residential buildings, homes and condos, are going up changing the skyline. This gives glaziers throughout our province an opportunity to leave their mark and beautiful handy-work behind.

What are glaziers? Also known as glass and metal technicians, these are the men and women who are responsible for installing windows, creating amazing storefronts, installing unforgettable decorative mirrors and walls, placing beautiful stained glass and more. If you’re interested in learning more about this trade, keep reading. We’ll explain to you about what it takes to become a union glazier in Toronto, Ontario.

First, the International Union of Painters and Allied trades is one of the largest construction union in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to glaziers, we also represent painters, drywall finishers, asbestos removers, EIFS mechanics, and sign writers. A union is a great place to start your career and here’s why.

First, in order to become a glazier, you must take classes through an apprenticeship. These classes include both hands-on and classroom instruction. Please note that when we say hands-on, we mean that you’ll be working in a true job environment with seasoned glaziers who have years of experience on the job. While training and classroom instruction is taking place, you’ll be earning a wage and working your way towards being a journey person and a full-fledged glazier professional. IUPAT offers great benefits and a pension plan that will help secure your financial future. You can learn more details about benefits, classes and wages on our designated page.

Still not sure about what it means to be a union glazier in the Greater Toronto Area? Ask to speak with one of our glaziers or view our YouTube channel. This video will explain to you what a glazier does day-to-day.

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