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Why Drywall Finishing is a Great Career Choice for You


Why Drywall Finishing is a Great Career Choice for You

Are you looking for a new career field where you can use your hands and really get into your work? The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades in Ontario encourages you to consider a rewarding career in the drywall finishing trade. Also known as a taper, drywall finishers “finish” drywall by smoothing the creases where drywall boards meet by applying compound and drywall tape to ensure a smooth and consistent surface on walls and ceilings. This process prepares walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings for paint and other types of coatings and finishes throughout Ontario. It is a skillful craft which takes some time to master but drywall finishers are amongst the proudest and most accomplished of all tradespeople.

Did you know that drywall finishing tradespeople are in high demand and are amongst the highest earners in the skilled trades? Currently, infrastructure projects in Ontario, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, are continuing to grow. Sporting venues and temporary living facilities are being built in preparation for the 2015 Pan Am games as well as new infrastructure projects like hospitals, schools, wellness facilities and others are being planned and built within the year. These will bring opportunities for current tapers as well as those, like you, who might be interested in learning more about the drywall finishing trade.

If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to be an IUPAT drywall finisher, be sure to read about it on our dedicated page. Additionally, you’ll read about the excellent wage package, pension and benefit plan that come with being an IUPAT drywall taper. And, we’d be remiss not to mention that once you begin a drywall finishing apprenticeship, not only do you begin with hands-on training, you’ll also be paid to learn!

Take the time now to consider the drywall finishing trade with IUPAT. It’s a rewarding, hands-on job where you’ll leave your “mark” all over town. Visit our Join a Union page to inquire about how to get started now or just submit your information on our contact page. We’re anxious to help your new career off the ground!

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