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Select Your Apprenticeship Program to Learn Your Skilled Trade


Select Your Apprenticeship Program to Learn Your Skilled Trade

If you like working with your hands and feel you have a knack for using your creative abilities in industries like construction, then it’s time to learn more about apprenticeship programs. An apprenticeship program includes on-the-job training where you learn from skilled professionals who work in that particular trade every day. Additionally, apprentices also must complete classroom education requirements as another part of training. One advantage of apprenticeship programs is that you are paid while you learn new skills, and, most trades pay very well. If you’re looking to really expand the locations in which you can work, consider learning more about Red Seal Trades. This certification allows you to work in other territories and provinces in Canada.

Contact IUPAT District Council 46, Local 1819 about available apprenticeship programs in your favorite trade.

How Do I Pay for My Apprenticeship Program?

While we mentioned above that you get paid during your time as an apprentice, it’s also important to point out that there are apprenticeship grants available to those who are qualified. These grants can take care of expenses related to tuition fees, tools needed for the job, gas, hotel, general travel and really, any other expenses related to your job. Make sure to visit with your IUPAT Local leader to learn more about other opportunities for financial assistance during your apprenticeship program.

What Happens After I Complete My Apprenticeship Program?

Once you’ve passed exams and completed required training, you’ll then move on to become a journeyman. As a member of IUPAT, we can help you find available positions to further develop your skills as a journeyman until your full training is complete. We’re ready to help you find a career path in the trades that you enjoy and that pays well.

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