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Pleural Mesothelioma Patient Survey for Painters


Pleural Mesothelioma Patient Survey for Painters

Attention: Painters

The team at Lung Cancer Canada (Canada’s only national charity focused on lung cancer) is looking for your input. Part of their role is to support public funding for drugs that treat lung cancer. Currently Avastin is being considered for pleural mesothelioma. While this is not a lung cancer, many in their medical advisory committee including Dr Donna Maziak, Dr Paul Wheatley-Price, and Dr Quincy Chu, treat pleural mesothelioma and felt it was important for Lung Cancer Canada to make a submission on behalf of these patients.

In case you are not familiar with the process, the agency that makes recommendations on public funding is known as the Pan Canadian Oncology Drug Review (PCODR-CADTH). They make recommendations after receiving approval from Health Canada. A positive recommendation clears the way for the Pan Canadian Pricing Alliance (PCPA) to negotiate on price, and eventual listing on the public formulary of each province.

As part of their deliberations, PCODR accepts patient group input on the unmet need of the disease and patient experience with the drug under consideration. They have put together a questionnaire (found here) to help them understand the unmet need in pleural mesothelioma and hope that you can help fill it in. Your responses will be used anonymously and in aggregate.

The deadline for this submission is Monday, January 9, so they would need your responses back as soon as possible. If that is not possible, they would appreciate being able to interview patients or caregivers who have / or have lived through a pleural mesothelioma diagnosis.

For any questions and to submit the questionnaire, please email Christine at or by phone at (416) 937-8899.

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