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The Importance of Glaziers in Toronto’s Construction Market


The Importance of Glaziers in Toronto’s Construction Market

Are you aware of the importance the Glaziers have in the Toronto construction industry? There are several parts to a construction project, from site prep and pouring foundations to framing, hanging drywall, painting, brick laying, flooring and so many other finishing touches that give a building character and personality. Have you ever wondered who puts in the many glass windows on those high-rises, adds the beautiful stained glass features or the stunning mirrors that appear like art work in some of the most luxurious hotels, conferencing centres and corporate facilities? It’s a Glazier. Hard-working Toronto Glaziers who have the skills to make those buildings what they are today.

Adding glass to buildings seems like a pretty easy task, right? Well, becoming a Glazier takes hands-on training, beginning with an apprenticeship, and moving forward to being a full-fledged professional journeyperson. These union members go through hours and hours of hands-on training with glazing experts and classroom instruction to learn the ins and outs of the trade and perfect their skills.

It’s not “just installing a window.” It’s more about ensuring that all conditions are right for setting the window, placing the pieces correctly and more. What’s it like to be a Glazier in a Toronto union? Watch this video and find out from one of IUPAT’s own. You might be surprised how rewarding of a career field this really is.

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