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Join a Painters Union and Start on Your Path to a Much-Needed Trade!

Do you like the idea of working with your hands and helping customers?  Are you interested in learning a trade that’s always been – and always will be – needed by residential and industrial customers?  If this sounds like the right direction for you, painting may just be the career best suited for your skill sets.

Not only is painting a lucrative career with excellent prospects, but it also allows you to work in many types of atmospheres.  It isn’t unusual for painters to go from painting office buildings to bridges to water towers.  In fact, many painters say that the reason they chose their profession is due to the plentiful opportunities available to them.

Painters can diversify in many ways during the course of their careers.  Some may choose to be decorators focusing on painting the interior and exterior of homes.  Others may want to pinpoint their professional paths toward industrial painting.  In all cases, apprenticeships are available through MTCU at the OIFSC.  Plus, IUPAT makes sure that there are always continuing education classes available to learn about the newest technologies available to painters.

Start working in a field where you can control what you do.  Contact our offices today to learn more.

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