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Start a New Career – Become a Hazmat Worker

Are you looking forward to starting your career, but are uncertain of what path to choose? Why not consider becoming a hazmat worker, one of the union jobs that’s available in the Toronto area.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Hazmat worker:

  • You’ll be able to help keep our communities cleaner. Hazmat workers regularly clean up hazardous materials, from private and public locations.
  • You’ll be on the cutting edge of eco-friendly waste removal. There have been tremendous advances in the hazmat realm in the past generation thanks to evolving technologies. If you love science, you’ll appreciate working in this career!
  • No two days will be the same. While you’ll be applying similar principles to every project, you will never be bored in this high-energy job.

Interested? The IUPAT can help you start an apprenticeship program to become a hazmat worker efficiently. Learn all the skills you need, and start making connections in one of the best union jobs Toronto has to offer! Contact the IUPAT today for more information on hazmat worker apprenticeship opportunities.

Signs That You Might Like Being a Hazmat Worker

  1. You thrive on organization and like to promote cleanliness.
  2. You care about the environment and want to remove all the toxicity from your community.
  3. You want to avoid a job where you sit at a desk all day.
  4. You like working as a part of a team.
  5. You want a job that pays well and has long-term benefits.
  6. You want a job with a projected growth for the coming decades.
  7. You like to work with your hands, while still using your intellect to make smart decisions.
  8. You want to join a union and get the advantage of holding union jobs.

To find out more, please call our IUPAT union representatives!

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