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Join the Ranks of Ontario Stucco Workers (EIFS Tradespeople)

Throughout Ontario, many professionals are working as exterior insulated finishing system mechanics, commonly called stucco workers.  They have joined the ranks of professionals who are enjoying the benefits of holding union jobs in Toronto and beyond.  Not only do they have the opportunity to work on commercial and residential buildings’ exteriors, but they get to see their finished work wherever they travel throughout the province!

How to Start a Career as a Stucco Worker

The IUPAT, located in beautiful Toronto, can be your starting point to begin a career as a stucco worker.  When you call us at (416) 630-9604, you’ll have the chance to speak with a union representative who can help guide you in your decision.

All stucco workers in Ontario must get their mandatory health and safety certificates before starting their apprenticeships at the IFSTC through the MTCU.  During their apprenticeships, stucco workers learn the most up-to-date techniques and work with innovative equipment every day.  It’s an exciting career for those who are hands-on learners and want the chance to grow in a field that’s ever-evolving.

Benefits of Becoming a Stucco Worker

Stucco workers in Ontario often talk about the benefits of their chosen career paths.  Some of these advantages include having a 44-hour work week, making $15.78 per hour during their apprenticeship’s initial 1200 hours (experienced stucco workers make $31.79 per hour), being eligible for overtime pay, having all benefits (pension included) paid after working 3601 hours, and being able to join the IUPAT as a union member.

To learn how you can become a stucco worker, contact IUPAT’s professional union representatives at(416) 630-9604.

Contact us for more information today, and a union representative will get back to you shortly.