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Start a Career as a Drywall Finisher Right Away!

If you have completed at least grade 10, you could become a drywall finisher in Ontario!

Drywall finishing is an exciting field that attracts many people each year.  Not only will you be able to showcase your talent for hands-on skills, but you’ll earn money as you learn during your apprenticeship.

There’s always a need for drywall finishers in Toronto and the surrounding communities.  Don’t delay – start a career today!

What Types of Environments Does a Drywall Finisher Work In?

Drywall finishers work in a variety of environments, including residential, commercial and industrial spaces.  Drywall finishers may prepare walls, ceilings or other interior or exterior surfaces.  They may also be called upon to restore surfaces that have been damaged or worn.

What Is a Drywall Finisher Apprenticeship?

In order to become a new drywall finisher in Ontario, you must register to have a Certificate of Apprenticeship.

The Certificate of Apprenticeship is earned after completing 5,400 hours of monitored classroom and on-the-job experiences.  You must pass an exam after finishing the 5,400 hours to get your Certificate of Qualification.  This will enable you to work as a fully qualified journeyman drywall finisher.

How Can the IUPAT Help Drywall Finishers?

As a union for drywall finishers, the IUPAT not only helps men and women become drywall finishers, but the organization also serves them as part of their union membership.  This means all drywall finishers who are part of the IUPAT can enjoy the benefits of having representatives who are looking out for them at all levels, from the political to the social.

To learn more about becoming a drywall finisher, call the IUPAT at (416) 630-9604.  We will be happy to discuss your plans for a career in this or any other lucrative trade!

Contact us for more information today, and a union representative will get back to you shortly.