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Residential Painters Turn Toronto Walls into Art

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Residential Painters Turn Toronto Walls into Art

Art can take walls from boring to personal in a Toronto home, but if a homeowner wants something bigger or more dramatic, residential painters can turn the entire wall into a work of art. There are a variety of techniques, colours, textures, and styles that can be used to match the overall style of the room and the home. A few options are outlined below!


Smooth waves over an entire wall can be a great fit for a space that is going to be more calming, such as a bedroom, master bathroom, or nursery. The walls will require careful prep to ensure that the layers don’t bleed into each other, but the finished effect will benefit from clean lines. Making the waves more organic and less of a perfect pattern can make them feel less kitschy or childish. Want something totally different? Get a residential painter to paint the waves in bright, warm colours for a dramatic accent wall. This will be much more stimulating, so consider it for a dining room or living room space.

Typographic Design

To really send a message with your walls, consider some typography! A single letter can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom wall that ages better than cartoon animals or airplanes. Residential painters can also add the family name to the front hallway, or the word “play” to the wall of the playroom. Stencils and tape make different fonts and sizes possible, allowing for the use of typography in different areas of the home without it seeming too repetitive. Typography can also pair well with smaller artwork or photographs in a space, acting as a unifying element for the space.


Not just for hair, ombre describes a gradient of colour from light to dark, or to blend one colour into the next, and can be used to draw the eye in a certain direction or create an illusion. For example, the joint between the wall and the ceiling can be disguised by extending the ombre effect across both surfaces. Starting with a dark colour at the bottom of a wall and shifting to a lighter colour can make the room seem taller, while a residential painter can blend two complimentary colours to fade at the middle of a wall can replace the effect of a chair rail with a softer look.

Residential painters can use a wide variety of techniques to turn your walls into something more artistic. If you are looking to bring your artistic eye to a career that offers you job stability and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, contact IUPAT for more information on becoming a residential painter.

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