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Residential Painters Have the Opportunity to Beautify Toronto


Residential Painters Have the Opportunity to Beautify Toronto

There’s no doubt that Toronto is a beautiful city. Residential painters who make up our union membership have the opportunity to make it even more stunning. It’s a wonderful way for them to increase the aesthetic appeal of their hometown.

5 Ways Residential Painting Improves the Face of Toronto

What are some of the biggest ways that residential painting jobs improve Toronto?

  1. They add value to neighborhoods: Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and noticed that the houses were in dire need of a paint job? When residential painters get to work, they can quickly add perceived and real value to at least one home in the area. Then…
  2. …They encourage other homeowners to reinvigorate their properties: It’s a snowball effect that can quickly transform entire pockets of small communities through the GTA. As homeowners begin to hire union residential painters to improve the appearance of their houses, bungalows, and cottages, they create a more attractive place to live.
  3. They increase the pride of residents: Everyone deserves to feel proud of the places they call home. Residents who come home each day to a well-kept house that’s been recently painted just feel better about their neighborhoods. This leads them to take better care of other aspects of their homes, such as landscaping.
  4. They improve the quality of structures: Many times, residential painters find structural problems before they lead to disastrous circumstances for residents. After the issues are remedied, paint can then be applied. This saves homeowners quite a bit of money by stopping problems early.
  5. They showcase the skill sets of the labour market: Not only are residential painters professionals individually, but they collectively showcase the skill sets of their union brothers and sisters. Their visibility may even spur someone to change jobs and become a tradesperson, or for a young person to consider a career as a residential or commercial painter.

Certainly, there are other benefits for Toronto residents who choose to have their properties refreshed with properly-applied coats of paint. These are just five of the highlights.

More Residential Painters in Toronto Are Needed!

Does this sound like a work environment that might appeal to your desire to grow a career in an industry where you get to learn on the job and work with your hands? Contact the IUPAT in Toronto today, and find out how you can start on the path to becoming a working residential painter.

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