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Important Benefits IUPAT Residential Painters in Toronto Have

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Important Benefits IUPAT Residential Painters in Toronto Have

If you’ve been considering taking your knack for residential painting to the next level, you may be wondering about becoming a member of the IUPAT and how that can advance your career. After all, a quick Google search will show you a massive number of people and small businesses willing to paint homes in Toronto. Becoming a member of IUPAT as a Toronto residential painter offers many benefits and can help you take work that already interests you to the next level.

Proven Experience and Qualifications

You probably know that there is a difference between a professional painter and a part-time University student painting their first house. In order to join IUPAT as a Toronto residential painter, you’ll need to take additional training and complete an apprenticeship. This process ensures that you have the knowledge and confidence to offer good advice to future customers and the skill to complete a wide variety of jobs.

Community and Ongoing Learning

Joining a Union means that you can get connected to other qualified painters outside of the company where you work. This can be a great opportunity to learn about new trends from other people in your field. It also provides you with access to additional professional development opportunities, both formally and informally. The community is not just for people to share their knowledge; it’s a great place for to bring concerns and work with your peers to improve working conditions for yourself and other residential painters in Toronto.

Safe Work Conditions

Unions have always been one of the biggest forces behind ensuring the rights and safety of workers are respected, and IUPAT is no exception. Your membership in the union ensures that you have access to benefits, vacation pay, and fair wages. Learn more about the benefits that IUPAT offers to both commercial and residential painters here. You also have access to a formal grievance process should you concerned about safety at a job site, and the many IUPAT employers have signed agreements to ensure that they are following Employment Standards Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

To stay competitive, connect with a community of painters, and guarantee a safe working environment, joining the IUPAT is the right step to becoming a successful residential painter in Toronto. Contact us to learn the steps that you need to take to develop your career as a residential painter in Toronto and become a part of IUPAT! 

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