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Are You Destined to Become a Residential Painter Journeyman in Toronto?

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Are You Destined to Become a Residential Painter Journeyman in Toronto?

Many years ago – during the Middle Ages, in fact – tradespeople moved around from job to job. Paid on a daily basis, they came to be known as “journeymen”. That is, they traveled or journeyed as part of their roles. Today’s residential painters in Toronto are journeymen that lead a much less nomadic lifestyle, but are no less important than their ancestor tradespeople were! Not only do they help keep cities across the country looking beautiful, operating safely, and functioning correctly, but they inspire new generations of journeymen all the time.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who has considered becoming a journeyman in the Toronto residential painters’ trade, or another trade covered by the IUPAT. You may have wondered if this career path was appropriate for your future. To assess your interest, start by taking this short self-evaluation.

  • Do you enjoy hands-on work? Tradespeople love to work with their hands! Often, we hear stories of successful tradesmen and tradeswomen who were told in traditional classroom settings that they would “never amount to anything” because they didn’t learn from lectures. As we know, learning styles differ greatly among the population, and those in the trades tend to like to DO rather than HEAR alone
  • Do you like constant challenges? One of the biggest misconceptions about the trades is that they are simple. What many people never understand is that every task and job is unique. Residential painters are consistently using their expertise to solve problems throughout the day, and that’s an exciting element of their responsibilities.
  • Do you enjoy hearing about new technologies? Think that painting hasn’t evolved? Think again! Painting is much different today than it was a generation ago, not to mention a quarter century ago. From the types of paints used to the tools necessary to complete projects securely and successfully, painting has evolved just like every other industry. You might be shocked to realize how much technology is involved in the painting profession.
  • Does the idea of moving around rather than sitting all day appeal to you? A residential painting job isn’t suited for someone who prefers to sit behind a desk for eight or more hours. Residential painters are on their feet, moving from morning until night.
  • Do you want to work as a team member? At IUPAT, we’re a big team of brothers and sisters. Not only do we support one another from a political standpoint, but we feel a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty. If you find that appealing, you’ll definitely enjoy joining a local union and meeting other residential painters in Toronto.

Of course, there are other aspects to becoming a journeyman that you should take into consideration. Let us help you by contact the IUPAT for more information. Speaking with one of our representatives may just be the springboard into a fulfilling career as a journeyman.

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