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Painting Provides Career Opportunities and Opens Doors to Other Prospects


Painting Provides Career Opportunities and Opens Doors to Other Prospects

When considering a trade for a career, choosing to become a residential painter or commercial painter opens the door wide to a number of related opportunities and growth.

The demand for a professional painter’s expertise is vast, with walls, ceilings, floors and anything else with a coat of paint on it, needing to be refinished at some point. It’s a trade with lots of repeat business. Other trades come and go on job sites, but for a lot of jobs, a painter’s work remains in demand.

Start a Career as Residential Painter

A painter can work in either ICI or Residential sectors, perhaps building their own contracting business. It is work that requires a number of skills, including communication, planning, blue-print reading (to name a few), to effectively understand a client’s needs. Other soft skills include time management and scheduling, with hard skills including familiarity with required tools, preparation of various surfaces, application of primers, paints and wall coverings.

It’s not a career limited to one location, indoors or outdoors. Painters can find themselves working in an office tower one day, and on bridges and water towers the next. When asked, lots of painters will point to the abundance of opportunity that comes with the trade as a main reason for choosing it.

Painters Are Part of a Certified Trade

Painters in Ontario belong to a certified trade, with apprentices available through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities at the Finishing Trades Institute Ontario (FTI Ontario). IUPAT strives to ensure there are always Journeyman upgrading and/or continuing education classes offered to learn about the newest technologies available to painters.

Other skills include airless/hvlp or electrostatic spray painting, abrasive sandblasting, vinyl wall coverings applications, faux finishes, protective and decorative coatings, brush/roll application, and others.

Benefits, pension, vacation pay and (where applicable) travel allowance are among further conditions covered in the agreement.

If these advantages interest you, contact IUPAT today to discover how you can become an apprentice and start the journey towards being a tradesperson. Learn the trade and start a career as a professional residential and/or commercial/industrial painter, and open the door to further opportunities.

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