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Professional Painters in Toronto – How to Become a Commercial Painter

Local 1891 Residential Painters – Accord Painting & Decorating Ltd.
(left to right) Jose Maiato, Jermaine Benjamin, Silverio Loras, William Bostic

Commercial Painters have an extremely diverse group of crafts within a trade with an enormous amount of skill sets. There are specialty skill sets whether a worker is a painter/decorator or an industrial painter. Some of those skills are spray painters, sandblasters, wall covering/vinyl applicators, special/faux finishes, special coatings, brush/roll applicators, and others. Commercial Painters in Toronto and Ontario work in various areas from office buildings and residences to bridges, tanks and water towers. Each portion of the industry takes on its own terminology and skills. Painters in Ontario are a certified trade with apprenticeships available at the FTI Ontario.

Local 1891 Residential Painters – North End Interiors Ltd.
(left to right) Guillelmo Gonzalez, Franco Amorini, Leonardo Lazzaro, Fabian Anesetti, Pablo Gonzalez, Jose Marin

The mandatory health and safety certificates are required prior to starting work as a commercial or residential painter in Toronto and Ontario.

Some of the working conditions for Toronto painters:

    • Wage rates range from $13.00 for the first 450 hours in the trade to a maximum of $33.47 per hour at the end of the current collective agreement depending on the work and area the workers are employed.


    • Benefits for health & welfare are paid in all classifications. After 450 hours – 1800 hours vacation pay at 10% of gross earnings is paid. After 1800 hours all benefits described plus pension is paid.


    • Travel allowances are paid when required to use a worker’s vehicle or other expenses for room and board when out-of-town


    • Work week ranges from 37 1/2 hours – 40 hours depending on the location. Overtime is paid after these hours are worked.


    • Painters are required to supply a putty knife, work boots, hard hat, screw driver, clean pair of whites.


  • Vinyl applicators may be paid piecework rates for coverings above 750 lineal yards.

Local 1891 Residential Painters – Croma Painting Ltd.
at the Shangri-La Restaurant
(left to right) David Gomes & Jose Saraiva

Local 1891 Residential Painter – Croma Painting Ltd.
at the Shangri-La Hotel & Suites
Miriam Macias

Local 1891 Residential Painters – Hill-Ton Contracting Inc.
(left to right) Jorge Ortiz, Farhiyo Liban & Metin Akyol

Local 1891 Residential Painters – Rage Design
(left to right) Bus. Rep. Nelson Cidade, (owner) Domenic Zardozi, Massimo Mancini, (owner) Jerry Nardozi, Fernando Noria, Luis Cardoza, Dimitar Manolov, Gustavo Reyes, Bus. Rep. Franco Santeramo

Father & Son Team – Blue Sky Decorating Group
(left to right) Mario Gregori & Erik Gregori

N.K.P. Painting at the King Edward Hotel
(left to right) Marlando Williams, Mario Lopez, Harold Zuniga

Alba Painting – (left to right) Zavin Harris, (owner) Albert Panaro, Andrew Oakes

Anglo Painting Contractors Ltd. – Jose Arana

Brian Sousa & Business Representative Nelson Cidade

Hill-Ton Contracting Inc. – Underground Highrise at Valhalla Towns & Condos
Marek Szkilnyk & Enzo Cesaritti

North End Interiors – Condo Tower in Stouffville
Antonio Di Caro

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