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Members’ Responsibilities

IUPAT - Painters Union

Members’ Responsibilities

July, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 46 (the “Union”), you are entitled to receive health and welfare benefits, pension and vacation pay (note: those who perform piecework do not receive vacation pay) pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement under which you work.

The health and welfare, pension and vacation pay trust funds are jointly administered by union and management side officials and it is the Union that takes the necessary action to enforce the collective agreements and ensure that all signatory contractors are remitting to the required funds.

To help make sure that the trust funds are healthy, and that all members are receiving their proper benefits, the Union requires the assistance of its members, as it is the member’s responsibility to call in and check on their hours, dues and benefits. 

Accordingly, the Union recommends that all members do the following:

  1. Know the terms and conditions of your Collective Agreement
  2. Keep pay stubs and review them for proper deductions
  3. Track or record your hours (to verify wage increases, apprentice issues, etc.)
  4. Review trade worksheets
  5. Review your Pension Statements
  6. Notify the Union of any changes in your personal information (Dependants, beneficiaries, addresses)
  7. Advise the Union and your employer of any Social Insurance Number (SIN) changes
  8. Report any issues or known violations to the Union or your Business Representative (e.g. company is using non-union workers; not paying overtime, etc.) and provide job site locations for their employer if requested by the Union

Important: If members have issues or concerns, notice any discrepancies regarding their pension statement, etc., or would like an update on the delinquency status of their employer, they should immediately contact your local union office or business representative or Benefit Plan Administrators (BPA) at 416- 636-4700.

Please note that any delay in reporting discrepancies or issues may impact the Union’s ability to assist you, so do not wait until after you leave employment to report any issues or problems. 

Members should also be aware that representation by the Union in labour relations and WSIB matters requires members to be in good standing.


Bruno Mandic, Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer

IUPAT, District Council 46

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