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Hudak is Endangering Green Jobs


Hudak is Endangering Green Jobs

Op-Ed in the Toronto Star by USW Director Ken Neumann and Rick Smith of Environmental Defence Tim Hudak recent announcement that he would cancel the Green Energy and Green Economy Act is irresponsible.

It would cost Ontario thousands of jobs and cause us to miss out on this clean energy revolution, a global transformation that is simultaneously reducing environmental impacts, creating jobs and fuelling economic growth in countries around the world.

A lesser known feature of the act is that it contains domestic content requirements which stipulate that in order to participate in the feed-in tariff, a percentage of the labour and components in any solar or wind power project must be sourced from Ontario.

As a result, companies are flocking to our province to establish manufacturing facilities. From Windsor to Kingston, Sault Ste. Marie to St. Catharines, the entire province is benefiting from this clean energy boom. To date, plans for more than 40 such plants have been announced, and many are already in production.

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