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1. Q. How do I become an apprentice in one of the IUPAT trades?
A. Easy, you can go to the nearest office of the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU) and request information on the trades. The Ministry will outline your options and requirements. Or, call one of the IUPAT training facilities on this site “Apprenticeship and Training”.

2. Q. What is required of me to become a member of the IUPAT?
A. Our reputation as a trade Union is to provide our contractors with the best qualified workers in the industry. We request that you are a registered apprentice or the holder of a qualified journeyperson certificate issued by MTCU. However, we encourage all workers to call us to learn about one of our trades and become a member.

3. Q. What if I do not have a certificate of qualification?
A. You have a couple of options. 1) you can challenge the exam at the MTCU for the specific trade you wish to hold a certificate or, 2) call the training centre that offers your trade of interest and following an interview, we will direct you as required.

4. Q. What other organizations does the OCP belong to?
A. There are so many other organizations we are affiliated with. Visit the following sites: ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

5. Q. Does the Ontario Council represent workers outside of construction?
A. Absolutely, District Council 46 and some of the other Locals in Ontario represent workers in manufacturing facilities of windows, doors, signs, bus shelters, moulding manufacturers, billboards, auto dealerships, industrial waste facilities, health care workers, just to name a few.

6. Q. How much does it cost to join the Ontario Council of Painters?
A. Absolutely nothing! An administrative processing fee is applied that will also pay for your monthly dues up to 6 months in advance that is tax deductible at the end of the year. Following the administration fee, there is a monthly dues collection that maintains your membership. Call the Local Union office near you for details. Remember all payments are tax deductible!

7. Q. What benefits do I receive upon joining the Painters Union?
A. Joining the Painters Union provides you with many benefits for you and your family. Our goal is to provide our members with good wages and benefits in a competitive industry to accommodate a higher standard of living that is deserved by all Canadians. You as a member of the Union are able to take advantage of medical, dental, prescriptions, life insurance, pension at retirement, training at no cost, workplace safety, protection on the job with respect and dignity. Also provided are numerous programs for you to participate as you see on other pages of this website.

8. Q. What are the wages paid to members of the Union?
A. Wage rates are determined by the classification you fit into and the trade you are working in. Apprentice wages will start at about 50% of the journeypersons rate and journeypersons can earn as much as $39.00 plus 10% vacation pay per hour.

9. Q. Does the Union allow women into the Union?
A. Most definitely! We welcome women into the trades we represent and there are numerous success stories of women in all of our trades.

10. Q. Does the Union accommodate immigrant workers?
A. Yes it does! District Council 46, Toronto has representatives that speak the following languages; Spanish, Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Polish and others. If you require immigration legal services we are able to refer you to a reputable legal counsel. All inquiries are confidential!

11. Q. Does the Union find me a job?
A. The Union has approximately 600 contractors in the various trades throughout Ontario. The Union acts as a referral for members once an employer requires people with the skills to fill the employers’ needs. Most Locals require their members to call weekly and put their name on an out-of-work list and as the employer calls for workers, we send the person with the employers’ requirements to that contractor. Varying circumstances may include a hiring hall procedure in some locations in the province and in other areas members may canvass our contractors for employment. The Union only requests that in the event a member does find employment, that the Union is contacted and a referral slip will be sent to the contractor outlining the worker’s wages.

12. Q. As a member of the Union am I permitted to work for non-union contractors?
A. Although not popular and the question may be asked as to why one would work non-union, the answer is YES. The only condition is you have informed the Local where you are a member and have received instructions from the Union representative on obtaining information regarding the company with the intent to eventually unionize that non-union contractor.

13. Q. Are all workers required to wear safety boots?
A. Yes. All individuals who work on a construction site must wear approved safety boots/shoes in accordance with the Ontario Health & Safety laws.

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