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Our Contractor Associations

Our signatory contractors are our partners! Our members do not work if the contractors do not get the jobs.

It is our role as a Union to supply our contractors with the best and most qualified skilled workers. Often times, whether our contractors make a loss or profit on their next job, depends on our productivity level and qualifications of our members.

Our contractors need our Union to organize non-union contractors to maintain a level playing field. The contractors play an enormous role in many areas regarding industry solutions, training, and benefit funds for our members and political events.

Without our contractors as partners, both sides lose!



Acoustical Association Ontario (A.A.O)
32 Vancho Crescent
M9A 4Z2
Tel: 416-605-6417
Fax: 416-246-1993

Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors Association
619 Liverpool Road
Pickering, Ontario
L1W 1R1
Tel: 905-420-7272
Fax: 905-420-7288

Interior Systems Contractors Association (I.S.C.A)
60 Sharer Road
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 8P4
Tel: 416-746-4722
Fax: 416-746-1522

Ontario Painting Contractors Association (O.P.C.A)
7611 Pine Valley Drive, Unit 10
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 0A2
Tel: 416-498-1897
Fax: 416-498-6757

Residential Painting Contractors Association
411 Confederation Parkway, Unit 18
Concord, Ontario
L4K 0A8
Tel: 905-532-0986
Fax: 905-532-0815

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