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Member to Remember


IUPAT new buildingIntroducing … A MEMBER TO REMEMBER

Up to $100,000 in awards available to be won!

Members of District Council 46 have been actively involved in their communities. They have coached children’s sports teams, they have participated in political campaigns and they have lent their muscle and expertise to projects that have benefited various communities.

To further promote the spirit of volunteerism amongst our members and to promote our union in our communities, IUPAT District Council 46 is launching the Member to Remember/Member Activist Committee.

District Council 46 is encouraging member participation in union sponsored events in 4 areas:

  • POLITICAL ACTION …to elect and support labour friendly governments
  • CHARITY WORK …it makes us strive for higher ideals
  • ORGANIZING …to protect our wages, benefits and working conditions
  • ACTIVITIES THAT PROMOTE THE UNION …to strengthen relationships amongst our members

Who is eligible to participate? All members in good standing, including retirees. However, full-time employees of local unions, district councils and the International are excluded.

How can one find out about union sponsored events? Eligible projects will be listed on the District Council 46 website at If you have suggestions of worthy projects, please let us know.

To reward you for your hard work, IUPAT is offering an award to every member who earns 3 or more credits per year.

How can you earn credits? You earn credits by participating in any of the following union sponsored events:

  • Political Action: Supporting the election of union endorsed candidates at the municipal/provincial/federal levels. Members may assist in election activities such as canvassing, putting up signs, stuffing envelopes or calling people to encourage them to vote.
  • Charity Work: Participating in union approved charitable projects in your communities.
  • Organizing: Participating in activities that strengthen the union such as “salting” and picketing.
  • Activities that Promote the Union: Participating in other District Council activities such as the annual Labour Day Parade, phone bank or volunteering at the annual DC 46 picnic.

How are credits applied?
1 Credit – Participating in an activity for 2-4 hours in a day
2 Credits – Participating in an activity for more than 4 hours in a day

How do you qualify to win an award?

  • You must participate in at least 3 union sponsored events per year.
  • You must earn at least 3 credits per year.


How do you register? The registration form is available on the DC 46 website at

Have any questions? Call Bruno Mandic or any Volunteer Committee member at (416) 630-9604 or 1-800-668-1823.

To register today, simply complete the registration form below.

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I wish to participate in the following activities (Check all that apply)
Political Action: to elect and support labour friendly govermentsCharity Work: raising money for District Council 46 sponsored charitiesOrganizing: to project our wages, benefits and working conditionsActivities that promote the Union: to strengthen relationships amongst our members

Contact us for more information today, and a union representative will get back to you shortly.