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Message from the Business Manager

Bruno Mandic

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

2018 was a remarkable year!

Employment throughout the year was steady, and I hope the trend will continue. This has bolstered our pension and Health/Welfare Funds. It has also allowed us to pay off the mortgage on our Headquarters in record time.

In April, we held our first General Meeting, which was well attended. It allowed an opportunity for all our trades to meet and discuss relevant issues. If members found it worthwhile, I am open to a General Meeting in 2019.

Our annual picnic in July was a success. Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors. We hope to keep this tradition alive.

Our inaugural retiree dinner was held in November. I received lots of positive feedback. It encourages me to start a retiree club. Other unions have retiree clubs—why not us? I am using this opportunity to reach to to our retirees to become involved and make the retiree club a reality.

2019 will be a crucial and very busy year. Many of our contracts relating to the construction industry are expiring by the end of April. In the last few months, I have been attending proposal meetings at various locals and listening to your ideas. I have heard your priorities. My bargaining team and I will work hard on your behalf. Negotiations with some associations will start in January.

Early spring marks the beginning of “open season”. If you are approached by a representative from another union, please do not be fooled and sign anything. This can have important repercussions, including affecting your pension and benefits.

I hope 2019 will be another good year for District Council 46!


Bruno Mandic
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 46 (District Council 46)

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