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Glazier and Metal Technicians

Glazier and Metal Technicians – Architectural Glass & Metal Technician

Glazier and Metal Technicians are transforming their trade name to “Architectural Glass & Metal Technician” (glaziers) as recommended by the Provincial Advisory Committee on apprenticeship for the trade. Glaziers are workers that install architectural metal frames and glass into buildings primarily in the commercial and institutional sectors. Glazing and glass finishes on buildings can become very artistic. Buildings such as the Royal Ontario Museum and the Opera Centre in Toronto are examples. The industry is diverse with projects such as office towers in large cities to automatic doors at the grocery store. Apprenticeships are available through the FTI and the MTCU.

Congratulations to Brother Dave Curley (far left) for 30 plus years of continuous membership in Glaziers Local 1819. Brother Curley is being congratulated by his work mates and friends on site.

The mandatory health & safety certificates are required prior to starting work.

Some of the working conditions in this trade are:

  • Wage rates vary around the province ranging from approximately $15.80 per hour for new entrants taking an apprenticeship for the first 1000 hours to as high as $36.79 at the end of the current collective agreement.
  • Pension, health & welfare, and vacation pay at 10% of gross earnings are paid in all classifications.
  • Hours of work in the industry range from 37 1/2 hours per week to 40 hours depending on the area in the province. Overtime is paid after the prescribed hours in the week.
  • Journeypersons are expected to supply work boots, hard hat, tools such as screwdrivers, putty knives, goggles, some hand saws, combination squares and others.
  • Travel and car allowances are paid for out-of-town work.


Congratulations to Raymond Farr (left) and Andrew Lacroix (right).
Raymond has 30 years of continuous membership in Glaziers Local 1819.
Andrew completed his apprenticeship and passed the Ministry of Trades Certificate of Qualifications.
Congratulations to both of these Brothers!

You can download the current Training Calendar for upcoming training dates, please visit:

For further details please call your local Finishing Trades Institute of Ontario (FTI):

Toronto – FTI – 130 Toro Rd, Unit C
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2A9
tel: 416-635-7300

Ottawa – FTI – 199 Colonnade Rd S, Unit 4
Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7K3
tel: 416-635-7300

Ancaster – FTI – 1430 Osprey Drive
Hamilton, Ontario, L9G 4V5
tel: 416-635-7300

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