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EIFS/Stucco Workers

Exterior Insulated Finishing System (EIFS) Mechanics (commonly referred to as stucco workers)

EIFS workers are a certified trade in Ontario. Currently Ontario is the only location in North America wherein this industry is recognized as a trade. Apprenticeships are available at the IFSTC through the MTCU. EIFS workers finish the exterior of commercial and residential buildings by way of a layered system of materials and a final specialized top coating that is normally applied by a trowel.

The mandatory health & safety certificates are required prior to starting work!
Some of the working conditions in this trade are:

  • The work week consists of 44 hours with applicable overtime rates.
  • New entrants receive $15.78 per hour for the first 1200 hours plus 10% vacation pay on gross earnings and health and welfare benefits.
  • After 3601 hours worked, all benefits including pension are paid.
  • Workers are to supply work boots and hard hats.


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