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Drywall Finisher and Drywall Taper Training in Toronto

Drywall Finishers/Plasterers

Drywall Finishers/Plasterers are the majority of OCP members in Ontario. These workers finish sheet rock on walls and ceilings prior to coatings or other finishes being applied. Moreover, the drywall Local Union 1891 is the largest drywall finisher and plasterer local in North America. Market share is extremely high and is one of the highest paid trades in the construction industry. An apprenticeship for drywall finishers or drywall tapers is available at the Interior Finishing Systems Training Centre (IFSTC) as a 12-week program. As with any trade, mandatory health & safety programs are required prior to starting work.

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drywall finisher
L.1891 Drywall Finishers – Marin Contracting – Ellis -Don, Yorkdale Mall
left to right: Stewart Aucha, Vicente Arpini, Claudio Raposo, Sylvester Henry, Nuno Raposo, Bus. Rep. Bruno Mandic, Steve Desmedt, Oswald Taylor, Lewis Adjeteg, Tomas Costa

Becoming a Drywall Finisher: Know What to Expect

Drywall finishers and drywall tapers have an option to work with our contractors in the industrial, commercial or institutional sectors at hourly rates starting at $15.00 per hour for the first 1200 hours to as high as $39.07 at the end of the current collective agreement. The other option for drywall finishers is piecework in the residential sector that range from $237.50 per thousand square feet to a high of $279.00 per thousand square feet. Rates depend on the type of residential work where our members are employed. Rates for drywall tapers and drywall finishers can also vary in different locations throughout the province. Another benefit is that premiums are paid to piece workers for certain aspects that take more time to finish, such as cathedral ceilings, corner beads, skylights and ceiling height.

Often, hourly workers receive overtime rates after 40 hours worked in a week that range from a premium to double time depending on the circumstances and travelling expenses are paid when workers are required to work out of town. All benefits are paid, such as health and welfare and pension. Vacation is at 10% of gross earnings and is paid out twice yearly by the administrator when working hourly. Pieceworkers receive pension, health and welfare benefits based on a % of gross earnings per month.

Other items to note include that plasterers/drywall finishers/drywall tapers must supply their own tools, hard hat and work boots. Additionally, texture spray workers receive piecework rates that range from $208.50 – $215.00 per thousand square feet along with pension, health and welfare benefits.

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Message to Drywall Finishing Apprentices

By David Semen, IFSTC Apprentice Liaison

I am always asked by new entrants if the Interior Finishing trade is a successful career – my answer is “most definitely.” I know men and women that have a solid work ethic can achieve amazing levels of pride and success during and after their apprenticeship program. Once someone achieves the Journey person level, there are many avenues to explore with their Union. I have the good fortune to work with a dynamic team of dedicated staff at ISCA, IFSTC and the IUPAT that share the same goals, challenges and success in our apprentices. I am entering my fourth year as your Industry Apprentice Liaison and I am proud to be part of your Apprenticeship.

In my 25 years of the Interior Finishing Trade, I have been amazed at the growth and innovation that has taken place in our industry. Our industry changes at a rapid pace to motivate Local 1891, ISCA, and the IFSTC to be two steps ahead in training. From extensive Safety Training leading to the new STAR Program, Journeyperson Upgrading that includes blueprint reading and estimating, to experimenting with new materials and innovative tools, our Union, Training Centre, and Apprentices have it all.

A reminder to you and as an apprenticeship obligation:

  •  Monthly Summary Cards and In-school Training must be signed by your foreman,
  •  Submit the cards each and every month,
  •  You must attend the in-school training at the IFSTC,
  •  You must complete the Basic Level training or your wages will be capped at 65% of Journeyperson wages,
  •  You must complete the Advance Level training or your wages will be capped at 75% of Journeyperson wages

It is important you know your Employer Local Apprenticeship Committee, the IFSTC, Local 1891, and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities support you as an apprentice and the obligations required by you to complete the apprenticeship program.

On behalf of my working family to yours, wish you a safe and prosperous year in “Helping Apprentices Stand Out!”

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