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Residential Painters


Residential Painters Turn Toronto Walls into Art

Art can take walls from boring to personal in a Toronto home, but if a homeowner wants something bigger or more dramatic, residential painters can turn the entire wall into a work of art. There are a variety of techniques, colours, textures, and styles that can be used to match the overall style of the […]


Important Benefits IUPAT Residential Painters in Toronto Have

If you’ve been considering taking your knack for residential painting to the next level, you may be wondering about becoming a member of the IUPAT and how that can advance your career. After all, a quick Google search will show you a massive number of people and small businesses willing to paint homes in Toronto. […]


Are You Destined to Become a Residential Painter Journeyman in Toronto?

Many years ago – during the Middle Ages, in fact – tradespeople moved around from job to job. Paid on a daily basis, they came to be known as “journeymen”. That is, they traveled or journeyed as part of their roles. Today’s residential painters in Toronto are journeymen that lead a much less nomadic lifestyle, […]


Toronto Residential Painters Following a Long History of Successful Apprenticing

Apprenticeships are so familiar to people in professional trades like Toronto’s residential painters, drywallers, and glaziers, that they sometimes forget they are engaging in a system that spans millennia.  The act of transferring skills from one person to another, or a group to another group, has been going on since humankind started.  Thanks to this […]


Statistics Reveal Lucrative Job Market for Skilled Residential Painters in Toronto

A recent story from Canadian Business laments about the job market for those entering universities and hoping their Bachelor’s degrees will provide salaries big enough to offset the rising cost of a four-year education. According to their research, the average salary for those exiting university is around $54,000. While that’s not a bad rate at […]


Residential Painters Have the Opportunity to Beautify Toronto

There’s no doubt that Toronto is a beautiful city. Residential painters who make up our union membership have the opportunity to make it even more stunning. It’s a wonderful way for them to increase the aesthetic appeal of their hometown.