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Hazmat Technician


What Hazmat Technicians Want You to Know About Asbestos!

Many people have heard about asbestos and know that it’s a dangerous material, but very few people know what it actually is. Hazmat technicians play an important role in making sure that asbestos is removed and disposed of properly. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a hazmat technician, or are just learning more, […]


The Impact of Climate Change on Toronto’s Hazmat Technicians

Rising temperatures, higher water levels, more severe weather and natural disasters have all been seen and noted by scientists, but the impact of these changes on hazmat technicians in Toronto and their work could be more significant than people realize. IUPAT explain why in this blog.


Reasons to Become a Hazmat Technician in Toronto

As the city grows, so does the importance of having qualified and knowledgeable hazmat technicians in Toronto. Hazmat Technicians are responsible for responding to emergencies to clean up and contain toxic chemicals and other dangerous materials.   Over the next 20 years, an additional 3.5 million people are expected to call the GTA home, and […]


5 Top Chemicals Every Toronto Hazmat Technician Encounters

When you’re a hazmat technician working in Toronto, your job is to enhance the safety levels by removing the threat of a variety of chemicals and agents. Although the list of potentially hazardous items includes dozens upon dozens of compounds, manmade items and other substances, some are more common than others. Below are five of […]