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Sedation Dentistry Eases Appointments for Younger and Older Patients

Are you one of the estimated millions of people who has a fear of going to the dentist? It’s a common concern that we hear at the Dental Centre located next to the IUPAT. Many patients are very nervous, some to the point that they make appointments and but can’t bring themselves to walk through the door. If this describes you, it’s time to find out about sedation dentistry.


Is It Time to Visit a Dentist in North York?

When was the last time you visited a dental provider? Has it been more than nine months or a year? Dentists recommend that you make and keep appointments to get your teeth and gums checked and cleaned annually. The good news is that if you are behind on your dental visits, or you don’t have a family dentist, the IUPAT and Union Health and Dental Centre can help! The Union Health and Dental Centre are now actively accepting patients for their dentist in North York, on 130 Toro Road beside the IUPAT offices. Call them today to set up an appointment, and get all the benefits of regular dental care for you and your family.


Save Big to Win Big with Union Power

Union Power Insurance is a specialty brokerage that offers extremely competitive rates to trade union members. And, to help spread the word on how much they can save our members, Union Power is putting up a free trip to Vegas worth $2,500. To enter, all you need to do is book a quick, free, no-obligation estimate.


Tips for Staying Healthy for Toronto Painters

Toronto painters have very demanding jobs. This makes it important for every painter to take care of himself or herself.


Toronto Painters and other IUPAT Union Members Will Soon Have a Designated Health and Dental Centre

It’s essential for every person and his or her family to have the health and dental care needed to stay healthy for a lifetime. Now, those who are members of the IUPAT’s Toronto painters’ union will have an even more convenient location to get their care. With the move of the headquarters to the new […]


Joining a Toronto Glazier Union or Other IUPAT Trade Means Taking Advantage of Volume Discounts and Opportunities

Many trade professionals working as glaziers in and around Toronto and Ontario are missing out when it comes to taking advantage of discounts and opportunities available to them through a glazier union membership. Not only is this short-sighted, but it can have long-term repercussions on their lifetime income and advancement possibilities. As those who have […]


New Consolidated Insurance Options Help Toronto Painters and All IUPAT Members Save Money Each Year

No one enjoys paying more than they have to for home and auto insurance, but we all know that it’s something no one can go without. Now, Toronto and Ontario painters who are members of IUPAT can save more of their dollars by bundling their home and auto insurance using a program that’s been created […]


Union Benefits Update: IUPAT Ontario Teams Up to Save Members Money

IUPAT Ontario is working hard to provide members with great union benefits. In case you haven’t already heard, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Union Power Insurance. This new relationship will give you a terrific opportunity to save a considerable amount of money on your home and auto insurance. Just watch our video and contact the number to get a free insurance quote.


Here’s the Low Down on Union Benefits at IUPAT

If you are a new union member, or even a current union member, you may have questions about how the IUPAT administers its benefits. We receive many questions about benefits from those just starting an apprenticeship to those who have been longtime union members.


NEW Prescription Drug Card Effective September 3, 2013

For many years now, IUPAT members have been asking for a “drug prescription card,” so that pharmacies could be paid directly for prescription drugs. Effective for all drug purchases commencing September 3, 2013, all IUPAT Ontario members in good standing will be issued a drug prescription card. With the card, the Trust Fund will apply generic pricing which means that your coverage will be limited to the generic equivalent included on a covered drug list, referred to as the Manulife Managed Formulary (MMF).