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The Legacy of Asbestos Worker Unions in Toronto

The International Union of Painters and Trades (IUPAT) has had a profound positive impact on the lives of Toronto asbestos workers and hazmat workers, as well as members of the general public. Toronto’s local asbestos workers union are represented by Local 557, 1630, 1819, and 1891. The IUPAT was initially founded in the United States […]


Asbestos Workers Union Members Make Toronto Healthier

By all accounts, the people of Toronto are actively focused on making the city a healthier place to live and work. From government officials to corporate entities to residents, health is a topic that’s frequently discussed. Now, asbestos workers union members are doing their part to collectively make sure Toronto is a cleaner and safer […]


Canada’s Ban of Asbestos Prompts Removal Needs in Ontario

As we’ve discussed multiple times on our IUPAT blog, asbestos removal is some of the most important work that our members do in and around Ontario. Asbestos has been linked with terrible physical and psychological health problems, including lung-related cancers. In an effort to reduce our society’s collective risk factors, the Canadian government announced in […]