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Start a Career as Residential Painter with IUPAT

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a career rut?  For many people, the right answer comes when they start investigating the possibilities available to them in the world of painting.  Becoming a painter has many benefits, including those listed below.

  • Painters can make up to $33.47 per hour. This is far above the average per hourly wage for many occupations in and around Canada.  Of course, wages are dependent upon the agreed-up contracts between painters and employers.
  • Painters can earn excellent health and welfare benefits. After working for a prescribed period of time, they can also be eligible for pension benefits.
  • Work weeks are typically at or just under 40 hours. Any hours over this period will result in overtime pay.

If these advantages interest you, why not contact the IUPAT?  We’ve helped people just like you become apprentices and start the journey on a path to being a tradesperson and enjoy a very lucrative career.  It’s time to start enjoying every day and not dreading spending time at a job that doesn’t interest you.  Learn the trade and become a professional residential and/or industrial painter.

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