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Is It Time for a Career Change to a Trade?

Are you tired of your current career path?  Does it seem as if you’re unable to make progress in your chosen field?  We invite you to consider the opportunities available as a tradesperson and look at union jobs in Toronto, Ontario!

The IUPAT represents men and women in a variety of trades, including sign writers/industrial units, fireproofers, epoxy floor workers and much more.  We can help you get the training that you need, as well as the information, to start you on a career path that is growing.

Simply contact our union representatives today to start a conversation about becoming a trades person in Toronto or anywhere around Ontario.

Benefits of Joining a Trade

People change careers and join a trade for many reasons, including:

  • Trades are much-needed, and opportunities for future work are growing.
  • Wages for tradespersons continue to increase year after year, especially with IUPAT’s negotiating power on the tradespersons’ sides!
  • Trades are well-respected.
  • Tradespeople who join the IUPAT are represented at all government levels, as well as having all the benefits available through the union, such as superior health care options and a pension.

Even if you have never worked at a trade before, we can help you get training, including apprenticeships.  You’ll learn how to do your trade correctly, safely and efficiently, and be able to finally love your career. Also, you get paid while you learn!

Our union representatives are waiting to hear from you!  Don’t waste another year working in a job that is unrewarding – start your journey to career success right now.

Contact the IUPAT, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, at (416) 630-9604 today about union job opportunities.

Contact us for more information today, and a union representative will get back to you shortly.