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Changing Careers? Consider Becoming a Hazmat Worker!

Are you tired of your current job path? Do you feel as if it’s leading you nowhere? Why not look into becoming a hazmat worker, one of the fastest growing union jobs in Toronto.

Hazmat workers typically remove hazardous materials from one location to a safe holding spot. Having exceptional training and skills is necessary for all hazmat workers, which is why the IUPAT has a thriving, comprehensive hazmat worker apprenticeship program.

Facts about Becoming a Hazmat Worker Apprentice

When you become an apprentice through the IUPAT’s apprenticeship program, you’ll be getting paid, up to date training on this career path. Having a background in hazardous waste removal isn’t necessary; having a desire to learn a new career is!

Throughout your apprenticeship, you’ll find out exactly how you can grow within this lucrative career. After graduating from training, you can enjoy all the benefits of being an IUPAT member and working on union jobs in Toronto.

Changing Careers Is Easier Than You Think

If you were worried that you are too old or unskilled to become a hazmat worker, we invite you to contact our union jobs representatives at our Toronto union offices. Together, we can determine if working in the hazmat field is the right choice for your abilities and desires. We can also talk to you about other union jobs and apprenticeship possibilities through the IUPAT.

Stop dreaming about having a better career, and start learning the skills to take you toward your career goals today!

Contact us for more information today, and a union representative will get back to you shortly.