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Get Glazier Jobs with IUPAT

You Deserve a Career You Love – Consider Becoming a Glazier Today

Have you been feeling as if your career path just doesn’t give you the rewards and benefits you deserve? Are you looking for a career change in a field that’s growing and can help you reach your financial goals? Becoming a glazier may be the right decision!

What Glaziers Do

Glaziers work in a variety of areas and for residential, commercial and industrial clientele. Typically, glazier jobs include cutting, installing and re-fitting glass for projects. They may work high atop the city of Toronto, or they might install curtain walls and windows indoors for industrial organizations. They may even replace a series of windows to bring a building to code, or make a structure more energy efficient.

You can see glaziers’ work throughout the GTA; wherever there’s a piece of glass, you know that a glazier was probably needed. Now you can be needed, too, and learn from the best.

Becoming a Glazier Through an Apprenticeship

One of the fastest ways to becoming a glazier is through a paid apprenticeship. An apprenticeship allows you to learn the ins and outs of what is involved in a glazier job. You’ll mix classroom learning with hands-on experiences, and will graduate with the knowledge you need to start on your new career path. Best of all, you are paid as you learn your new career.

The IUPAT offers apprenticeship programs for glaziers and other trades that lead to union jobs, including jobs for painters, stucco workers, and hazmat technicians. For more information about becoming an apprentice, please call a union representative today.

You never know what you can achieve until you take the first step. We look forward to helping you soon!

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