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Stucco Range Hood: Repair the Image of Your Toronto Kitchen

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Stucco Range Hood: Repair the Image of Your Toronto Kitchen

Sometimes investing in a Toronto fixer-upper is the best bang for your buck. With the real estate markets remaining hot, you can look into buying a home and then upgrading it on your own, with some help from IUPAT tradespeople. The kitchen can be a particular eyesore, especially if it’s out of date. When taking time to upgrade and repair your Toronto kitchen, adding stucco repair Toronto to your range hood can be a simple upgrade that can have a big aesthetic impact.

Why Stucco?

Stucco on your range hood is a great way to make a functional element of your kitchen blend in with the overall design vision. If you’re looking to give your kitchen a look that is inspired by Tuscany, Greece, or the American Southwest, a stainless steel range hood can look out of place. Stucco on the other hand, can be a great way to bring the warmth of these other places into your Toronto home.

Things to Consider

When repairing and installing stucco in a Toronto kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that everything is done correctly and with the right materials. The last thing you want is a chunk of stucco falling into the soup you’re making on the stove! You’ll need to frame around the range hood with wood before applying the stucco. This project includes wire mesh, which can be quite sharp. If you’re purchasing or carrying the mesh yourself, be careful, and wear gloves. You’ll also want to do this project at a time of year when you can have the windows open to ensure proper ventilation.

Finishing the Stucco

The stucco on your range hood can be finished in a number of ways, just as you can finish stucco on walls or ceilings in a number of ways. When choosing a finish for your range hood, you’ll want to consider how easy it will be to clean. For example, a lace finish is more likely to attract dust and is more difficult to clean, while a smooth finish will be easier to clean but doesn’t offer as much differentiation between that and a standard wall. Take time to look at a number of different finishes before you choose the one you like best!

Renovating your Toronto home can involve a lot of projects, and the kitchen alone can involve a lot of repairs and different tradespeople. An IUPAT stucco repair worker in Toronto can help you to turn your range hood into a work of art and get your kitchen looking like an oasis from another place. If this kind of project sounds appealing to you, contact us today to learn more about the qualifications and training required to become a stucco worker!

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