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3 Jobs You Didn’t Know Were Done by Glaziers

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3 Jobs You Didn’t Know Were Done by Glaziers

You might think that glaziers are just responsible for installing windows, but the trade name will soon be transforming to Architectural Glass and Metal Technician to better reflect the range of work done by these professionals. Below are 3 jobs that you might not realize require the skill of a glazier.

Automatic Door Installation

From the sliding doors at your grocery store to single automatic glass doors you might see in offices, these glass doors are installed by glaziers! Automatic glass doors are a key way to make sure that buildings are accessible, and present a welcoming entrance to a store or other business. Ensuring the glass is installed properly can prevent damage and keep businesses secure.

Glass Shower Doors and Walls

If there is one place that you want to make sure isn’t full of broken glass, it’s your shower. As full glass shower enclosures and doors become more popular, it’s important to make sure that they are installed properly. Glaziers can install clear or frosted glass for a shower, and make sure that the metal supports are securely fitted. Glaziers can also install large mirrors in your bathroom or in other parts of your house.


Glass tabletops can be found outdoors on restaurant patios or in home dining rooms, and many other places. These beautiful pieces can be very sturdy and beautiful accents to spaces, and often offer a way to make a large piece of furniture look lighter. Glaziers are able to ensure that these tabletops would be installed securely to ensure that tables can be cleaned effectively and easily.

Glazier jobs in Toronto are much more varied than people might initially expect. In addition to the roles above, they install large glass fixtures like storefront windows, sunrooms, greenhouses, and glass room dividers in an office space. If you’re looking for a career that offers a wide variety of opportunities, a job as a glazier might be right for you! Contact us today to learn more about the qualifications and training required to become a glazier!

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