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Toronto and Ontario Men and Women Are Changing Careers to Become Commercial Painters


Toronto and Ontario Men and Women Are Changing Careers to Become Commercial Painters

Changing careers can be a daunting task… or it can at least feel like that.  However, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as it may seem.  The truth is that many people start out on one career path, only to switch midstream.  If you’re considering joining the ranks of commercial painters in Toronto, Ontario, take heart: Many men and women have done the same thing before you, even if they aren’t right out of school.  

Why Adults Look for New Careers

There are plenty of reasons that adults choose to switch careers.  Some of them include:

  • They aren’t being challenged anymore.  Humans have a natural desire to up the ante, so to speak.  They want to feel like they have more to learn.  When you reach the top of your knowledge in a field, you may want to move on to a new career where the learning can start again.
  • They have lost their job.  Sometimes, the desire for new employment comes from necessity, as in the case of being downsized or losing a job.  In this case, it can be important to find a new career like commercial painting that has steady employment numbers.
  • They have always wanted to do something else.  For many individuals, their first job wasn’t their passion.  When they reach their 30s, 40s or 50s, they might want to finally set out on a career that they know they will love.
  • They want to work with their hands.  Commercial painters have the opportunity to work with their hands and their minds.  Not all jobs afford that kind of opportunity.  
  • They want to work in a diversity of places.  Being part of the typical office setting can be boring after decades.  The diversity of commercial painting job settings can be a huge relief after years of being chained to a desk!
  • They want the stability of retirement.  For some people who seek out commercial painting jobs, the most important aspect is having the chance to invest in their retirement.  Not all retirement plans are as robust as those offered through unions.

Sound familiar to you?  Whether you’re at the beginning or middle of your career, why not talk to someone at the IUPAT in Toronto, Ontario about being a commercial painter?  We can help you understand how to proceed to make your career goals a reality.

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