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Top 7 Reasons Toronto and Ontario Commercial Painters Love Their Professions


Top 7 Reasons Toronto and Ontario Commercial Painters Love Their Professions

Have you ever noticed that Toronto and Ontario commercial painters seem to really like the work they do?  This isn’t by accident.  In fact, there are several great reasons that those who have chosen the path as commercial painters like coming to their job sites day after day.

#1:   The job is never dull.

If you’re used to doing the same thing day after day, you’d be amazed at all the variety available to commercial painters.  From different types of projects to exciting new work sites, they are always expanding their horizons.  No two days are the same for a professional union member commercial painter!

#2:  There is always something new to learn.

As with any profession, commercial painting involves foundational education that is regularly supplemented by new industry-related developments.  Such developments could be innovative types of paints, safer methods of painting or more efficient types of painting machinery.

#3:  IUPAT commercial painters have union support.

Having a union behind you is like having your own army of supporters.  Commercial painters who join the IUPAT know that they are always supported by the union.  They aren’t alone at the negotiating table; instead, they have people negotiating on their behalf for better salaries, pensions and benefits.

#4:  They can depend upon promotional opportunities.

Not all professions offer the opportunity for promotions.  Excellent commercial painters who show their skills year after year can enjoy the chance to not only make more money, but test their leadership abilities.  This keeps them working hard and looking toward the future.

#5:  They have dependable retirements.

It’s very scary if you don’t know if or when you can retire.  Unionized professional commercial painters can rely on being able to retire at some point in their lives.  With the help of the union, they have peace of mind when it comes to the knowledge that their retirement savings and pensions are protected.

#6:  They enjoy camaraderie.

Commercial painters form strong bonds with one another, especially as they work day after day on projects.  These bonds can transfer into lasting friendships, which only makes it even better to come to the job.

#7:  They know they’re helping grow the community.

Playing a role in the community in which you live and work is essential.  There’s nothing better than driving around the GTA and knowing that you played a part in painting some of the region’s most beautiful buildings and important structures.  This sense of community makes every day just a little brighter.

If you’re not satisfied with your current job path, it’s not too late to think about becoming a commercial painter in Toronto or any other city in Ontario.  Just call the IUPAT and talk to a union representative about upcoming apprenticeship opportunities.

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