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IUPAT Union Job Holders Need Summer Travel Insurance


IUPAT Union Job Holders Need Summer Travel Insurance

Are you an IUPAT union jobs member planning to travel this summer?  It’s important for you to consider getting travel insurance.  Now, you can contact the IUPAT Benefits office for more details on this must-have vacation requirement.  It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo or taking a vacation with your family; travel insurance brings many advantages.

The Benefits of Travel Insurance

If you’ve never considered getting travel insurance before, you might be wondering how it could possibly be beneficial.  Below are some of the reasons that other union jobs members of IUPAT choose to invest in travel insurance:

Medical coverage – Let’s say that you or a loved one has a medical issue or accident while on vacation.  You may have to pay a lot out-of-pocket, especially if the injury is incurred in another country that doesn’t accept your insurance coverage.  Travel insurance protects you and provides reimbursement for some medical incidents.  Check with your Benefits office representative so you know what’s covered and when.

Coverage for lost possessions – What happens if you travel by airplane and the airport loses your luggage?  In many cases, you’re simply out of luck.  Air carriers are notorious for not covering this kind of loss.  That’s where your travel insurance can kick in.  It helps you recoup monies for your missing items.

Trip cancellation coverage – Let’s say that you were going to visit an area that was suddenly evacuated due to a natural cause, such as a wildfire or hurricane.  In most cases, you’ll lose whatever you paid to a hotel, rental property manager or other establishment.  Travel insurance can protect you in these cases of disaster that delay or interrupt your vacation visit.

Surprise!  Travel Insurance Is Cost-Effective.

One of the biggest misconceptions about travel insurance is that it’s going to be costly.  The opposite is true.  Like most temporary catastrophic coverage plans, travel insurance is priced affordably.  It’s there only if you need it… and if you do, you’ll be happy that you had the forethought to take advantage of it.

Remember that it’s always best to be prepared for any contingencies.  Unexpected situations arise all the time on vacations, and the last thing you want is to be sidetracked by a huge medical bill or other financial loss that could have been refunded if you’d had travel insurance through your union. Take advantage of your benefits as a union job member!

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