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Health Concerns Emphasize Need for Professional Ontario Asbestos Removal


Health Concerns Emphasize Need for Professional Ontario Asbestos Removal

Many buildings throughout Ontario contain asbestos, and that equates to a huge need for asbestos removal processes.  No matter what you may have heard, it is important to never contemplate removing asbestos yourself.  Instead, it’s critical to hire a professional asbestos removal worker.  Why?  One of the biggest reasons relates to health.

What Is Asbestos and Why Is It Bad?

Asbestos, like many manmade products that have later been found to be toxic, is a material made from naturally-occurring minerals that are then woven together.  Asbestos is an excellent insulator.  However, the particles that it leaves off in the air can be very dangerous to people and animals.

When inhaled, asbestos can lead to a host of physical maladies, including:

  • Mesothelioma.  You may have heard of this cancer because so many people were diagnosed after being exposed to asbestos without proper protection during their younger days.  Mesothelioma is a cancer of the tissues related to the lungs and abdomen.  Like all cancers, it is deadly.
  • Lung Cancer.  Again, this is a type of cancer that has a direct link to asbestos and the fibres that make up asbestos.  
  • Decreased Lung Capacity.  Many people who worked around asbestos developed lung problems leading to shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.
  • Decreased Immune System Functioning.  Another connection related to asbestos is that between exposure and a decreased immune system.  This means that someone tends to get more colds and illnesses in a year than he or she would otherwise be expected to get.
  • Laryngeal Problems.  Some individuals have reported issues related to the larynx, and those issues may be associated with asbestos exposure.

How Expert Asbestos Removal Workers Protect Themselves

The men and women who are professional trained for asbestos removal know how to avoid health issues related to asbestos.  This is why they protect themselves from head to toe with special apparel, and use very specialized tools and apparatuses for their roles during asbestos removal situations.  During their rigorous training and apprenticeship, they learn not just how to cover themselves, but how to avoid tracking any asbestos home to their families, or to other job sites.

Any home or commercial structure that has asbestos absolutely should be cleaned up, but remember that the project should never be done without professional assistance.  Asbestos removal is not a DIY venture, and should be taken very seriously.  When done correctly, it can leave a building healthy for people to live, work and achieve.

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