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Do You Know the Types of Gear Worn and Used by Toronto, Ontario Commercial Painters?


Do You Know the Types of Gear Worn and Used by Toronto, Ontario Commercial Painters?

You’ve no doubt seen commercial painters throughout Toronto and Ontario.  What you may not have taken notice of is the gear they wear and use for their trade – and there is quite a lot for safety and security!  The next time you see one of our expert union commercial painters in action, check and see which of the following items they have with them:

  • Protective apparel and equipment.  If you’ve ever painted at home, you know that painting can get messy.  It can be dangerous, too, especially if you’re wearing improperly-fitting or poorly made apparel and equipment pieces.  Commercial painters have to make sure that they have the best safety eyewear, coveralls or other type of clothing, head protection and dependable shoes with non-skid soles.
  • Drop-cloths.  Those drop-cloths may not look like much, but when you’re working as a commercial painter, they’re lifesavers.  You’ll notice that commercial painters use sturdy drop-cloths.  This is by design.  The drop-cloths have to be strong and heavy enough to not move around when people are walking on them, or placing equipment onto them.
  • High-pressure paint sprayers and high-quality brushes.  Commercial painters are well-acquainted with high-pressure sprayers.  These sprayers allow them to more efficiently cover surfaces with even layers of paint.  However, commercial painters still need to use brushes to finish jobs or perform more detailed painting work.
  • Solid ladders.  Commercial painters are often seen on ladders or scaffolding.  This equipment must be very reliable and solid.  There’s no room for error when a fall could be life-threatening.  The same is true for scaffolding.
  • Heavy-duty paint and painting buckets.  The paints that are used by commercial painters are meant to last.  In order to have enough paint to cover large jobs, painters need to have the right buckets.  A small bucket, such as the type that a do-it-yourselfer would use, won’t be effective for a big job.
  • Hand tools and other tools.  From low-dust sanders to drill mixers, commercial painters always trust in their tools.  These tools may be supplied by them, or by a hiring company.  It all depends upon the type of commercial painting project.

Of course, there’s something that every union commercial painter brings along to the job that is absolutely critical, but cannot be seen: tremendous skill.  Before you assume that painters are simply putting colors and protection onto surfaces, remember that every union commercial painter has apprenticed and completed hours upon hours of instruction.  They’re the superheroes of the painting industry, and should be applauded for their abilities.

Have you ever thought about joining the ranks of Toronto and Ontario’s commercial painters?  Contact IUPAT for more information on becoming a commercial painter.

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