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Diversity Is a Hallmark of Toronto and Ontario Commercial Painters


Diversity Is a Hallmark of Toronto and Ontario Commercial Painters

One of the most positive developments in the trade of commercial painting is the way that it has become so diversified.  Today, commercial painters throughout Toronto and Ontario come from every walk of life.  This helps add to the breadth of skill, talent and wisdom that makes a team of great commercial painters.  It also shows that commercial painting has become a well-respected opportunity for individuals who want careers that are uniquely satisfying, offering security through active union membership and representation.

Examples of Diversity in the Commercial Painting World

Two aspects of diversity that are especially noticeable are the increase in female commercial painters, as well as commercial painters who came to the profession later in life.  

Women commercial painters still make up a minority of the ranks of commercial painters, but their numbers are steadily growing.  This is true for other trades, too, such as drywall installers and glaziers.  As young women are introduced to trades earlier in their lives, they are beginning to see them as viable choices.  This shatters the glass ceiling, eliminating the old-fashioned idea that commercial painting and similar careers are “off limits” or somehow unsuited for females.  

The commercial painters who are coming to the profession by choice as part of a second career move may be older, but they are nonetheless passionate about their newfound roles.  Seasoned workers join commercial painting apprenticeship programs for many reasons.  For some, it’s a way to finally get started in a career with an environment that suits their natural abilities.  For others, leaving the corporate world opens doors for them they never thought they could enter!  

It’s incredibly rewarding and exciting to see how commercial painting is changing, and to anticipate other changes.  Now, when you see commercial painters working throughout the GTA, you know that they are a true representation of the population.  That’s meaningful on numerous levels, and indicates how the profession is clearly open to all who want to put in the time to grow and succeed.

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