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About Us

Just ask any worker:

  • that is unfairly treated by their employer and not paid decent wages,
  • that are forced to work hours that exceed the labour laws of Ontario and not properly paid,
  • that have been unjustly terminated by their employer,
  • that want to improve their standard of living,
  • that want to be the best trained in their industry,
  • that want to work in decent and safe workplaces,
  • that want medical, dental, life insurance and pensions when they retire, and
  • want to be treated with dignity and respect

People join unions for all the above reasons and more!

There are laws in Ontario that will assist in many of the points listed above through the “Ontario Labour Relations Act”, “Employment Standards Act”, and many others.

Many employers in Ontario provide the benefits of a Union however there are many workers that are exploited and unable to have a voice in the workplace. IUPAT Ontario (The Ontario Council of Painters of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades) can assist you with a better standard of living anywhere in the province.

Contact us for more information today, and a union representative will get back to you shortly.